Sunday, February 18, 2007

The pointy headed guy on the soda carton... When I saw the guy on the carton, I just had to figure out something to create that would incorporate his image. I'm no good at collages, but I'm REALLY good at making lists. The ends of the cartons lent themselves easily to creating little books that would be just perfect for lists!!! It was fate.

With that idea in mind, I dug up some vintage linen-textured paper that had been stashed in a box I received from my grandmother. I couldn't use just any old paper for these little books. Then I went through my stash of ribbons, embroidery floss, etc., to find something with which to bind this little book. Nothing seemed quite right until I happened upon a ball of parcel twine.

Now I don't know a lot about bookmaking. I looked on the internet to find instructions, but ultimately I just kind of invented my own little technique. I punched all the holes in the paper with a hole punch (jabbing a needle through there just seemed like a disaster waiting to happen) and then threaded the parcel twine through the holes in the signatures (I learned that on the internet) and through holes I punched in the soda carton.

I had no idea, however, what to do with the ends of the twine. Four pieces of string just sat there staring at me and taunting me. Luckily, I know how to four-braid (most people only know how to braid with three strands, but my grandfather taught me how to braid with four). That's why there's a little 'tail' at the top of the spine of the book.

The last thing I had to figure out was the closure. While I could have just chosen to stick a rubber band on this little book and call the project 'done,' that just didn't seem like the way to treat the pointy-headed guy. So I opted to add a couple of little metal eyelets and make one of those wraparound closures you see on envelopes for interoffice mail. It's much better than an old rubber band.

So there you have it. Hours of pondering and staring at the soda carton to figure out what to do with it. The end result is a little journal with 28 tall, skinny pages. Great for making lists. I'm famous for lists. I also like the number 28. It's part of my internet persona (time2cre8), and it's my birthday. :-) It's fate. Or kismet. Or something.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Spring Flowers

Icy Blue

Pearly and Red

Time sure flies. January has come and gone, and February's well underway. It seems as if there's never a free minute during the day, but I honestly don't know where the time goes.

My latest crafting project began when my friend Emily mentioned that she'd like some hairsticks. Unlike me, with my 2-3" long hair, Emily has loooooooong hair and needed some adornment. I made her some multicolor ones and some red and pink ones that are just perfect for the impending Valentine's Day. They were sent as part of her birthday package, and she's reported that she really likes them. :-)

The pictures here are additional hair sticks that I've listed on Etsy. If I had long hair, I'd be wearing these!