Saturday, January 13, 2007

Heart-shaped glass magnets. I've been having fun making magnets, and I was so excited when I found these little hearts. They're about 1" tall and wide and almost 1/2" thick. My first bunch was made with flowers as the images, and they're way neater than any of the photos look. They're listed on Etsy, 3 of them for $3.50!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Valentine ACEOs. You knew it had to happen. Valentine's Day approaches, and I just had to create some artwork to celebrate the day. Even if it's not celebrated very much in our household, there's usually at least some recognition. :-)

The first drawing was truly inspired. Cupid Snares a Heart is another drawing of my silly long-nosed fairy creature. Cupid has never looked like this before!

The second drawing began as a surly cat, but after I had him sketched out I just couldn't leave him looking surly and mad. So I had to give him a smile. He's much happier now.

The last one is called An Unlikely Valentine, depicting the romance between a bird and a worm.

If a blog had feelings, this one would feel neglected. I have every intention of writing something in here every day or so, but the time goes by and nothing is written.

Today, sated after having some really good Mexican food for dinner, I can sit here and write because I don't have the energy or inspiration to do much else. Skirt steak, guacamole, refried beans... along with chips and homemade salsa... I guess that's the meal that makes one just wanna sit! :-)

I suppose I do have to say something about the most recent creations: glass pendants. I found these neat little molded glass rectangles that make absolutely beautiful pendants. The first ones I've created use fractals as the images, but there will be more and different ones later on.

Some of these are listed in my Etsy shop, so go check 'em out! They're only $5!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It's officially 2007. I managed to stay up until midnight, primarily because I'm reading a good book and I was totally engrossed in it (it's Promise Me by Harlan Coben). I'm still not finished with the book, but I'm sure I'll finish it today.

I just made a bunch of little envelopes with cards, using an old (1971) atlas of the United States for the envelopes. They're the coolest little things. I've listed one set on Etsy and have a few more sets when those are gone.

I also have some new ideas for glass magnets, so it's going to be a busy day today and probably a bit smelly. That adhesive is stinky. I'm trying out some new stuff today, so maybe it will be less smelly.

Off to create some fun stuff!