Helpful Links

Looking for some helpful links?  Here's a list of some that I've used and liked:

For Etsy Sellers:
  • EtsyHacks - all sorts of helpful tools for sellers
  • Craftcult - see who hearts your shop, who hearts your items, and whether you've been featured somewhere on Etsy
  • Craftopolis - see if you're in a Treasury, see when a Treasury is going to open up
  • Statsy - tools to let you see where your items come up in search results (Locator), subscribe to a feed to let you know if your item has been on the front page (Featurator), and a couple of other nifty tool
  • Etsy Seller Handbook - Lots of helpful info that was posted in the Storque
  • Sellers Assisting Sellers - How to get the sales you want, blog by the Etsy team Sellers Assisting Sellers.