Monday, January 27, 2014

time2cre8 ... in 2014

Well, here it is.  The new year.  Not so new any more, as it's already almost the end of January.

Did you make any resolutions?  I think I resolved not to resolve...  Last year I did pseudo-resolutions.  Things I wanted to do, jotted down in a notebook.  I got a few of them done, but not nearly as many as I wanted.  Oh well.  I had a fun year anyway.  :-)

One thing I want to do this year (and mind you, it's not a resolution) is to get more things listed in my Etsy shops.  Did you know I have THREE Etsy shops?  Sheesh.

My primary shop is time2cre8, where I have all my beady creations and beading patterns.  I can't even estimate the number of beadwoven pieces I've made over the past several months that need to be photographed and listed.  I also want to UNlist some things, pieces I made on a whim that have just sat there in my shop taking up space.  It's time for them to go.

Then I have a shop called time2split, where I began selling off some of my art supplies and some vintage stuff I've collected over the years.  I only opened that shop as a way to destash, but it's turned into quite an enterprise now.  It's stocked with different types of cardstock and art paper, as well as piles and piles of handmade envelopes (my way of working through a scrapbooking paper addiction).  Since there's still lots of destashing I need to do, I want to get more listed in that shop too.  Not a resolution, though.  :-)

Last but not least is the third shop, time2cre8too, where I have stationery items.  I started a line of stationery a few years ago that I call Captioned Critters, and I've been slowly stocking the shelves in the time2cre8too shop with mini notecards and stickers.  I also have a bunch of Alice in Wonderland things, all made from the gorgeous illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.  The plan this year is to add more critters to the mix and a bigger variety of items that feature all the quirky animals I've found.

Note that all of my shops have "time" in the name.  That's one thing that seems to be in short supply, but I'm having a blast making things.

What about you?  What do you like to do with your time?  Do you make things?  Cook?  Read?  Exercise?  Travel?

Whatever you do, I hope you're having fun!