Friday, January 09, 2009

I Love Flawful Fibers!!

I don't spend a lot of time entering contests, but sometimes they're just hard to resist. So when I received the December newsletter from FlawfulFibers, I jumped right on it. I've admired Julie's yarns and rovings for a long time, and I've just been trying to figure out a way to justify buying bunches of them (I'm not really much of a knitter, so I'd have to find other ways to use them).

Well apparently I was in a silly mood when I saw the FlawfulFibers contest. All I really needed to do was to visit Julie's site, choose a favorite (that was the hard part), and respond with my name and address so I could be entered into a drawing. What did I do? I wrote a poem. It only took me a few extra minutes, and I was composing it in my head as I looked for something I could call my favorite.

And the nicest thing happened!!! Julie liked my poem so much that she included it in her January newsletter!!! Even better than that, she's given me an Honorable Mention for my poem and a $10 gift certificate!!!!! I've already been on the FlawfulFibers site looking around to see what I want to get with my certificate, but I've been told I might want to wait for a little while before redeeming it because she's going to be adding new things soon.
Lest you think the decision on what to use my $10 gift certificate on is an easy one, I've narrowed it down to these... (and this is without seeing the new things Julie's going to be listing!)... I think... but there might be more... there are just so many I like!

Chocogrubs (handspun yarn) - the texture looks incredible

Harp Singer (handspun yarn) - aren't those colors incredible?!?!

Mermaids (handspun yarn) - the colors and the texture are amazing

Torque V2 (handspun yarn) - don't you just love the thick and thin?!?

Okay, I've just realized that I love way too many things on FlawfulFibers. Check it out for yourself, either on the website or in the Etsy shop.


Carol Dean said...

I thought you were my FRIEND, MaryLOU!! How dare you lead me into temptation like this ;p Fantastic!

:-) MaryLou said...

I am your friend! I knew that a true friend wouldn't want me to hide this information. It needs to be shared!!!

Sign up for Julie's newsletter. She's always doing specials. :-)

Laane said...

I love the cours of the mermaids. It's beautiful!

choopixie said...

This is a really cool site - all the things I love to do yet don't know how and don't have the time. I'm gonna have to come back often and check it out! :)

My Journey said...

hi friend! nice blog U got here..would U mind if we xlinks? pls let me know..thx :)and i'm dropping ec

Sedie said...

Thank you for sharing another yarn shop with me. I'm always on the lookout for quality yarns and FlawfulFibers looks like a shop I'll certainly mark and visit over and over again. Congrats on the mention in the newsletter.

Beadwright said...

Hi thanks for sharing. I have someting to share with you as well. If you head over to my blog I have an award for you. Not kidding I really do

Lenox Knits said...

What a fun poem! And that yarn is seriously yummy.

Maggie said...

Wow, that is a great site. If I had $10 to spend over there, I would be getting something from the embellishies and spinnies section- you can get more variety for the buck!

Illusio Creative said...

Hello Marylou
Very welcome regarding the Live Journal feature. As it happens, same feature was in my Blog too:

Btw, how did you find the LJ feature? Very curious..

Best wishes
Lorrie (Illusio)

Anne said...

those fibers you featured are absolutely fabulous! Love them!