Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where Are My Glasses?

Where are they? Have you seen them? Help me look.

Even in the short amount of time I've spent with my little sister (long story, which you can read here), I heard these words several times. She has glasses, and she's notorious for putting them down somewhere and then forgetting where they are.

Well, now she has no excuse.

After I told her I couldn't locate those little rubber thingies for the ends, she gave me an old lariat she had so I could cut them off of it.

Since this will be used a LOT, I decided that bead crochet would be the way to go. It's sturdy and very flexible and comfortable to wear, and this one is pretty slim since I used only five beads around. The beads are the Czech glass picasso finish ones I like so much, this time a mixture of five or six different blends I had in my stash. Even though they're from different colorways, they blend beautifully.

And the best thing of all? She likes it! She really really likes it!

The funniest part? When she was talking to me about her new glasses holder, she needed her glasses to look at it more closely so she could check out the finishes on the beads. And she couldn't find her glasses! Where were they this time? HANGING ON HER SHIRT.

She cracks me up. (love ya, Bev!)

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