Saturday, August 03, 2013

time2cre8 a Patchwork Peyote Bracelet

I've lost track of how many patchwork peyote bracelets I've made.  Each one has its own personality, from the very first multicolor one (the one most reminiscent of my grandmother's quilts) to one of the most recent metallic multicolor one that I named Not Your Grandma's Patchwork.

Mamaw's Patchwork Quilt...
photographed on one of my grandmother's handmade quilts, a piece I've treasured for many many years.

The metallic delicas have always been some of my favorites, and I came up with this bracelet after playing around with some of them for another project (do you do that?  I often think of a new project while I'm in the middle of working on something.).

Not Your Grandma's Patchwork
I've been asked numerous times to publish a pattern for these, and I just keep putting it off.  But I think I'm finally about to do it!

Oddly enough, writing the pattern for one of these patchwork designs is proving more of a challenge than for some of my other designs, simply because I've never done one of these from a pattern.  So I'll be working backwards to write the pattern -- making the bracelet first and then mapping the colors.

I just received an order for one of the Not Your Grandma's Patchwork bracelets in my new OpenSky shop, so I'll have a fresh bracelet to use as the model.  If you're on OpenSky, follow me and give some love to some of my listings!  If you're not on there yet, you can click this link and sign up (there are some really cool things on the site):

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