Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gift tags. Yep, I've been making these little guys, and I'm having a lot of fun. I have a bunch of decorated paper (well, who doesn't) and tons of ribbon, so it just seemed like I should do something with all of that. The tags are fun to make, except for the noise of the punch when I cut them out. It's driving my husband nuts, so I have to plan my noisy time and my quiet time (when I cut and tie the ribbons onto the tags). He's much happier during quiet time.

So there I was, happily making little gift tags... And then I decided I wanted to make little envelopes with cards. The fact that I had no pattern for these envelopes didn't stop me either. All those years of drafting and design paid off, and I was able to come up with a template for making these cool little things. I'm so easily amused it's pathetic.

Never one to sit around idle, I've also been knitting away with the yarns I bought during that recent trip to Joann Fabrics. Another trip is planned for tomorrow, to hit yet another sale, so there's a good possibility that I'll come home loaded down with even more stuff! I've made some little scarflets, short little scarves that will have buttons and sit just around the neck. I haven't sewn the buttons on yet or taken any photos, but they'll be posted on here and in etsy as soon as I finish those tasks. I'm trying to figure out how to take photos of myself, since the scarves display themselves much better if they're around a real neck. If I can't get a good photo, I may have to enlist the aid of my husband to take the pictures. Otherwise, I'm thinking of using my little stuffed pig as a model.

The other unfinished project is my bunch of paper beads. I made a TON. Well, not a ton really, but a lot of them. I strung them together in color-coordinated bunches, and now I'm just trying to decide how to coat them. I think some people use shellac for a coating, but I'm thinking of spraying them with polyurethane. That means I have to be outdoors, since I don't want the fumes taking over the house, and it's been nasty weather here lately.

In fact, we just had tornado warnings a couple of days ago! The sirens were going off, wind was whipping the trees around like crazy, and the weather channel was advising everyone in our area to look for shelter. Down to the basement we went, armed with our flashlights, wallets, and keys (because, of course, the house could get blown away but we'd still need to be able to start one of the vehicles afterwards -- right?). We sat there for awhile watching the weather channel and then played some darts. My husband can actually hit the dartboard when he throws a dart. I, on the other hand, managed to miss the dartboard completely a few times. Since it's mounted on the handrail, that means the darts wind up on the stairs, or whacking against the cement wall on the other side of the stairs, or ricocheting off something and landing who-knows-where in the basement. It's a dangerous sport for me.

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