Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Halloween crocheted lariat and earrings. These turned out even better than I expected they would. Hundreds of beads had to be strung to make this nice and long -- 57" of crocheted pattern, plus another 3" of branch fringe on each end! The fringes are fun, too, with black branches tipped with orange; and orange branches tipped with black. I liked those so much that I used the same style for the earrings.

The other big project today was hauling stuff up from the basement and down from the second floor, readying a big pile to donate to the local Purple Hearts chapter. Although I know they're coming a couple of weeks ahead of time, I always seem to wait until the day before the scheduled pickup to assemble everything to be donated. Oh well. It gives me a goal.

The TV's about to go on the fritz for good, I think. It's an old TV, one of those giant 60" behemoths, and the picture keeps going whacky. The colors go out of convergence, so everything has a pink or blue shadow around it. We keep adjusting it, but after a couple of hours it goes whacky again. Looks like we're going to have to go on a quest for a new one, and my husband's going to want another behemoth. :-) I must admit that it makes watching movies pretty enjoyable.

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Emily said...

Hi all,

This set was part of my Halloween witch costume (or as I say displaying my true character) and was a great hit! We had @1300 trick or treaters and lots of help handing out flags and band-aids.

Emily in Michigan