Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lunch out yesterday and today with friends from where I used to work. That was fun. Catching up on all the work stuff (since I haven't worked in more than a year) and realizing all over again just how happy I am not to be working there any more! It sounds like nothing's changed -- reorganizations and the end-of-year crises that always occur. One of the friends was recently promoted, though, so that's good news.

I'm still working on those little magnets. They're fun to make, but they sure are messy. I went to the craft store today to try to find an alternative to the adhesive I'm using. The container doesn't have a good nozzle, so I spread the adhesive with a toothpick, and those little adhesive strings get all over everything. It's a bit smelly, too. I bought two new types and have just tried one of them. Sadly, I don't think it's going to work. I'll try the other one tomorrow, after this first sample has a chance to dry.

I've also delved into watercolor!!! I've always been fascinated by the patterns and colors I see in some watercolor paintings, so I decided to try some out for myself. Out came my Canson watercolor paper, brushes, and water. I first had to create a bunch of small drawings (because I didn't want to get carried away and do something large to begin with). So my normal little turtles, cats, and snails adorn the watercolor paper. I painted a few of them, and they're really fun!!! I think I'll probably continue to do these off and on, and I hope my technique improves. I find myself having to wet down sections to try to correct them because I don't like the way the paint flows. It's a very different medium for me, as I'm used to the total control of my pens. I guess it's a good thing to give up control sometimes...

Some of the watercolors are posted here, but the images aren't nearly as nice as the real-life ones. I tried scanning them, but the scan doesn't pick up the detail. So these are photographs. The colors are much better in person. But you'll have to take my word for it. I've listed a couple of them on Etsy just to see how they do.

Blue-Eyed Turtle:

Skinny Purple Cat:

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