Monday, July 23, 2007

Captioned Critters are filling up my computer. I just keep finding the neatest vintage images and then playing around with them to make captioned critters cards. Now I think I'm going to be making some tags from some of them... Hmmmm. Just look at these Cantankerous Crab mini cards I made today!

I keep thinking of all these things to do with paper and these images, and my stash of polymer clay is just sitting in a box waiting to be turned into something wonderful. I have so many polymer clay books, and I keep buying more, and I've only made a couple of things -- and that was only because I attended Christi Friesen's class at the Bead and Button show in June! I'm just compiling idease for now...

There are also some bead projects in the works, at least in the workings of my mind. That counts, right? I have some really pretty bracelets that are just waiting for buttons or closures, and I have some ideas for more bracelets.

I really need to learn to FOCUS!

But where's the fun in doing only one thing?!?!?

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