Monday, July 16, 2007

The Gnome Home is a photograph I took last summer of one of the weirdest houses I've ever seen. I don't think it's actually referred to as the Gnome Home by anyone but me, but it's just what I think of when I see it. That, or a Hobbit House. But I'm not sure Frodo, Bilbo, and company would want to live there -- too much glass.

This house is on private property in Door County, Wisconsin. Yes, I trespassed to get the photo, but I just couldn't resist. No one lives in the house, and it looks a bit the worse for wear. The windows are dirty, and there are some obvious cracks in the walls. It probably just goes to prove that building a house like that into a hillside requires careful planning and consideration... and the help of a structural engineer.

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Rachel said...

My sister would love this house. She collects mushrooms for some odd reason, but I could totally see her loving this house.

Felicia said...

That is a very intriguing unique house.