Sunday, August 19, 2007

Is this a vacation? We've been driving and driving and driving, covering about 1200 miles in six days. Granted, that doesn't sound like a lot, but we were on a quest to find property in Tennessee near one of the big lakes there (Tellico or Douglas), so the 1200 miles included about 600 miles of windy, twisty, gravelly, steep roads. It looks so easy presented there on the map as A-to-B-to-C-to-D, but it wasn't! Tuesday or so we'll head back to point A. :-)

After all that, it appears that we've decided not to live in Tennessee, but to continue with our plan to live near Waynesville, North Carolina, on property we purchased a few years ago. It's such a pretty piece of property, with gorgeous views and in a nice rural area where it's peaceful and quiet, and we just weren't able to find anything better. My husband's urges to fish will have to be satisfied by driving to Tellico Lake or Douglas Lake.

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