Friday, December 21, 2007

Etsy Friday before Christmas. I can't believe it's almost Christmas already. Where did the year go?
I really wish Etsy had some way to tell where customers came from. I had quite a few customers this week that were brand new to Esty, and I have no idea how they found me! Three beadwoven bracelets went out in the mail this week, and although I asked the customers how they happened across my beadweaving, I didn't receive responses yet. I'm hopeful.

This Etsy Friday is like the recent ones, in that I'm using this post to thank the other Etsy sellers who purchased from me during the week... by posting my favorite item from each of their shops.

First up is Jessie (aka jezzi4ever), who's a returning customer. It's so nice to see a familiar name pop up in my Sold Items list. That means I must be doing something right! Jessie makes these cool wallets that work like magic to hold money and stuff in place. This Rainbow Magic Wallet is my favorite in her shop now, because of all the bright colors (more than just a rainbow) although there are quite a few other patterns available.

Julia (aka schmoomunitions) is another Illinoisan, so she's *ahem* enjoying the same cold weather I am right now. She's obviously making good use of her indoor time, though, with the folk arty paintings she has in her shop. I'm a big animal lover, and Julia suggested a critter to be added to my Captioned Critters creations. I had heard of this critter, but I didn't remember what they looked like until I searched through my books. I should have just checked Julia's shop to see the fun little painting she has of a tamandua!

Danielle (aka
danielleruckus) has just listed some new handmade scarves in her shop, and two of them are dedicated to autism awareness. What better way to show your support of a worthy cause than to wear this gorgeous purple scarf!

I don't really know which of the moonshinebluebird's creative talents to thank! The shop has one of the best avatars I've ever seen -- an adorable needlefelted little bluebird. It's a family-run shop that carries a variety of artwork, little pillows, corkaments (you have to go check those out!), and other wonderfully fun and creative items. It was hard to choose a favorite amongst the variety, but I really love this flowing tree painting.

The most recent Etsy seller to visit my shop is Jane (aka bware). She and her husband are both talented, with all sorts of whimsical papier mache creatures and mobiles listed in their shop. With my love for sealife, I could hardly help but choose this lantern fish as my favorite. What fun!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for such an excellent write up and for the write up. How sweet! Looking forward to the creature cards. Thanks!
Jane and Ben

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! TAMANDUAS for everyone!! Thank you for mentioning me and tamanduas.
Julia at Schmoomunitions