Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's a giveaway! To celebrate an impending milestone in my Etsy shop, I'm going to be having a giveaway here on my blog.

The milestone may not seem obvious to everyone, but I'm approaching my 3333rd sale!!! The number 3 has special meaning for me, so I decided that was an event worth celebrating. My husband, whose birthday is 3/3, is exactly 3 years and 3 days younger than I am; and our birthdays are 3 days apart
(except in Leap Years, of course). During the course of our time together, we noticed all sorts of other 3s cropping up; so it became an important number.

Anyway, here's the deal to be entered for the giveaway:

1. Visit my Etsy shop, time2cre8.etsy.com.

2. Find something in my shop that relates to the number 3. There's a lot to choose from -- it could be a piece of artwork that features three of something; a beadweaving technique listed in the description; the listing date for a particular piece... it just needs to relate to the number 3 somehow.

3. Come back here and leave a comment, and include what you chose from my shop that relates to 3 (make sure to leave your contact information so I can let you know if you won).

That's it. It's really easy!

On September 15, I'll choose a winner.
Yes, I know the 15th isn't technically a 3, but it all fits:
- September is the 9th month (3x3)
- 15 is divisible by 3
- If you add the 1 and 5, you get 6, also divisible by 3.
- If you add 9, 1, and 5, you get 15...

See how that all works out? Anyway, the winner will be chosen from among the qualifying comments, using a random number generator. Wouldn't it be a hoot if the RNG chose 3? Or 33? :-)

The all-important question... what do you win? For this giveaway, the prize is this beadwoven bracelet. It's woven with Czech glass beads in THREE colors. It was woven in peyote stitch, and the center portion is braided. The bracelet measures 3/4" wide and it will fit a 6" or smaller wrist.

Good luck!


Jael said...

I choose this one: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14755520 with the kitty who is obviously NOT getting THREE square meals a day LOL

We have a 33 pound kitty living in our house (fat camp!) that belongs to my parents whose expression bears a strong resemblance to your ACEO kitty ;)

Claire said...

Well I went to page '3' and of the bunch of octopuses only '3' where showing on the main pic and had been viewed then by '23' people...http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14558943

My first contest woohooo!
Good luck everyone

PurrPrints said...

I love the alice cards--I'm hoping that the fact that there are 12 of them--a multiple of 3--counts?

Also, if you'd like to list this on the etsygiveaways blog just let me know--I'm happy to add you as an author--you can convo me where to send the invite via etsy (purrprints.etsy.com)--that's also the best way to reach me if i'm lucky enough to win this gorgeous bracelet!

Kerrie Slade said...

He he - I like how your mind works MaryLou - that's the sort of thing I would do, finding a way to make the numbers fit :D That is some milestone too - congratulations!


ixela said...

Great idea for your contest... I choose this item from your shop:
so funny... a notecard with 3 thinking Black Sheep!!!

Alessandra (ixela)

Hawksdomain said...

This is a brilliant idea, but I didn't want to pick something that everyone else would so.... I picked http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=8648295 (Bright Right Triangles - Beadwoven Peyote Bracelet (2796)) because in the photo with the clasp, you can only see 3 black triangles! :)

Anna said...

That is one very cool bracelet ML!!

Carol Dean said...

Moon River - http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14465104

You listed this beautiful cuff on August 21 and 21 is definitely divisible by 3. So there ;p

Jenn P. said...

Heading over to your site now! I just wanted to let you know that if you are still interested, I would love to advertise your blog on my page...I clicked the wrong button, newbie here.

MySweetThree said...

Well...lots and lots to choose from..But, I chose the Seasons (aceo print) because while yes, there are 4 trees on the card...but only 3 of them have leaves!
(by the way..beautiful bracelet)


Tresijas said...


In this listing there are 4 sheep, but only 3 of them can speak:


Lucky Girl said...

These lovely cards are $3.

What a terrific milestone--congrats!

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Waterrose said...

Well I love this simple piece and also think it would look great with jeans and it has three loops at the top.



autismfamily said...

My birthday is 4/3 and I am the oldest of three and have two boys,single parent so family of three. Three has always been my number. Good luck with your contest.

I have severe eczema and cannot wear jewelry so cannot participate.

mozilla said...

l like ur bracelet , how can i get one, do u sell it

janetfaye said...

Last Call (aceo print) hss three items, a shoe, a glass and a cherry.

Thank you!

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

crystal said...

My favorite 3 dollar item is the Quoth of the Raven card. So many cool and unique things in your shop:)


thebeadedlily said...

He has 3 webs between his toes

sphinx63 said...

I found the Crystal Cherry-Peyote Triangle Pendant on Wire Choker. It has 3 triangles in it! Thanks!

Dani' said...

I chose the pig who has three sections on its snout. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=11750194

rockcreekcreations said...

Hi there, (which is you rearrange the letters it spells three)

Right now your shop has had 3418 which if you divide by 3 you get 1139.333333 quite a few 3's if you ask me.

I went to your bracelet section which has 105 items which is divisible by 3 equalling 35. so I went to item 35 in the bracelet section. Which is the Lilac Labyrinth Peyote Bracelet. How neat!

When growing up I had a Labyrinth game which I loved. You know, roll the marble around the board, trying to miss the holes. Purple is my new favorite color.

so after that set of three's I'm done!

Thank you for this opportunity!