Monday, October 13, 2008

The Bead Art Originals Trunk Show, which was last Thursday night, was a great success! Read about it here.

While you're visiting the BAO Blog, be sure to check out the Items of the Week for this week. Once again, there are some beautiful pieces and some great deals.

My offer this week is a free pair of matching earrings with the purchase of the Luscious Lime and Teal Necklace. That's the necklace in the top center of the mosaic.

Just check out those other gorgeous pieces! I haven't even checked out the offers yet, but the pieces shown here are just beautiful. I'm sure lucky to be a member of such a talented group of artisans.

It's been busy around here again... My husband's back has improved, thanks in part to the steroid shot he received last week. He's scheduled for another one next week. It's so nice to see him have some relief! He's still not doing very much, and his back is still bothering him a bit, but it's a drastic improvement over how it felt just a couple of weeks ago.

Despite the list of things to do...
- BAO trunk show
- BAO website updates
- my website updates
- laundry
- cooking
- yardwork (did I mention I have a whole truckload of mulch sitting in the driveway, waiting to be spread all around the house?)
- planning for a vacation
- cleaning up the house (we have company coming)
- keeping up with my Etsy shop
- and a million other things!

...I've managed to fit in some beadweaving. So here are the newest creations:

Not that I'm looking for things to do, but I've been thinking about changing my avatar. More about that later.


thebeadedlily said...

Very cool leather cuff!

Carol Dean said...

Busy? ;)

Stormee said...

Your work is beautiful.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those are some beautiful pieces!

Frances said...

Wow! My favorites are the Autumn Patchwork Quilt and Leaves in the Fall. And I see you sell on Etsy!


How do you do it? Exquisite and I would love to have one when I get a little extra money. By the way I have my tag up. Very fun so thanks again!

bryan said...

You make some pretty good designs. They're good as gifts to my friends...