Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy busy busy!!!

Another week gone - POOF! I intended to write a blog post earlier in the week, but time slipped away again. It seems that's always the way, doesn't it? My reason (excuse) is that it's been a very busy week -- getting ready for our move later in the summer, packing boxes, clearing out a room so we could have new carpet installed (the offwhite carpet we had just didn't look good enough to attract those elusive home buyers we're hoping to lure in), and doing a bunch of custom orders.

First off, I'd like to send a big THANK YOU out to an Etsy seller, marieflyfly, who included my Verdigris necklace in a beautiful treasury last Friday. The treasury made it to the front page, but Verdigris was only there for about ten minutes before it sold!! Yay!! I don't have a picture of the front page, but you can see just how beautiful the treasury was.

Of course, Marie didn't include anything of her own in her treasury, but this lovely rusty blue necklace would have fit perfectly. Isn't her photograph stunning?! She has some of the most striking pictures in her shop that it's like looking through a little art gallery.

Next I want to show you one of my newest peyote cuffs. This one was created at the request of a wonderful Etsy customer who asked me if I could make a green version of the Foxxy Cleopatra cuff.

Here's the Foxxy Cleopatra version:

And here's the green version, which I named Satine (after Nicole Kidman's character in Moulin Rouge). The request was for all the beads to have an ab finish. I chose to use matte dark emerald, transparent emerald, opaque lime green, and crystal clear for the bead colors; and I love the way they contrast and complement each other. It's on its way to the customer, so I hope she likes it!

One more piece to show off here. I just listed the Bubblegum and Black Licorice necklace this morning (even though I made it more than a month ago!). Don't you just love these colors together?

Now... Back to work! Packing. Moving furniture back into the living room. More furniture to the garage. Working on custom orders when I need a break from moving. And. Well. Just because I'd rather be beading than packing and doing all that other stuff!



Audrey said...

Great pics!! I have such a hard time taking pictures of my products, she's done an amazing job! congrats on the treasury, front page and sale!!

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

Oh.. and I sure do know what it is like to move/get ready to move!! Yes, the time sure does fly by!

That is an absolute stunning treasury, by the way!

Karen Gill said...

Wow, yes I do love these colors together! Great necklace!

And I think I like the green version maybe even better than the original of the Cleopatra. It's so....jungley! yes I know-not a word!

storybeader said...

great pieces! I love the cuffs! I'd like to know a little about how on earth you do that - it has to be a pattern, right? And congrats. on the sale - the two sales, actually (see miss mo in the treasury - that box looked familiar!)