Friday, June 19, 2009

Bloggy Thanks and a Work in Progress

Isn't it nice when you find something you made featured in a blog? I love it! So this post begins with a big THANK YOU to the blogs that have recently featured my creations.

The first is a blog called The Missive Maven, written by a wonderful Etsian named Ilona. She's soooo nice and friendly (how many customers do you know who send you a thank you card?!?!). Well, I didn't realize it, but Ilona posted in her blog a couple of times about my Ravens cards. Her first post, in May, was about the cards themselves. And, like Ilona, I love using these cards with the Poe stamps available at the post office! (I ordered mine online, since most post offices don't seem to have them in stock.) Then she posted earlier this month and showed off a picture of a little raven label I had included as an extra thanks in her package!

Well, the coolest thing happened. Someone was reading Ilona's blog, saw the Ravens cards, followed the link included in the blog post, and bought a couple of sets of cards for herself! She also liked the labels, so even though they're not something I ever listed in my shop, I made some for her.

I still have one set of cards listed in my Etsy shop, but when those are gone I won't be relisting any more... they'll eventually be available again, but not from me. Someone else, a lovely Etsy seller named Allison, is going to be taking over all the Captioned Critters (as well as all my other stationery creations).

The second blog is called Brilliant Beads and is written by an Etsy seller named Gillian (aka Gillianbeads). She just featured my Crossword Puzzle cuff in her Wordless Wednesday post called Beautiful Beadweaving in B&W. It was wonderful to see my cuff there, particularly when it was accompanied by creations made by some of my beady friends. Thanks, Gillian!!

And although she didn't include a picture of any of her own creations in her post, this beautiful black lampwork bead would sure have fit the bill nicely. She has some GORGEOUS lampwork beads in her shop!!!

This week has been pretty consumed so far with gathering stationery supplies and files together so I can send them to Allison, but I've also been working on a very special beadwoven cuff for a custom order. The customer asked me to make a version of Maelstrom using aqua and chocolate colored beads so it would coordinate with the dress she's going to wear to a wedding on July 1. The very special part is that she's going to be wearing it above her elbow! That meant resizing it both in width (she asked for 2.5" wide) and in length (9.5") so it would fit around her upper arm. It's almost finished, and although I probably would have never thought to combine these colors, they're really lovely together.

Now it's time to get back to work. Or play. 'Cuz I'm going to be doing something else with beads, and that's definitely play for me!!!


Gillianbeads said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about my lampwork beads!
Your crossword cuff is so pretty!

storybeader said...

I'm glad to see your artwork is showing up on other blogs. Have always loved your pieces. Didn't know you were into printmaking and cards! I've been thinking of making a line of paper bookmarks, to go with my storybeader theme. Love the crossword puzzle cuff!

Laurie said...

I don't know that I've ever felt like I was playing while looking at someones blog...but that's what all of your pictures make me feel like! Amazing pieces!
I found you while reading an article on photography. Thank you for the advice about using unique scrapbooking paper for a backdrop. I saw lots of that in you pics here.
Your creativity rocks!
See you around on Etsy