Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello, 1000 Markets!

Now that I've decided to focus on my beadweaving (no more stationery!), I took the plunge and opened a shop on 1000Markets. I had signed up for an account there a few months ago, but I never got around to listing anything or getting the shop approved.

So on Friday night I sat down at the computer and decided to finish the steps required for approval. I uploaded seven of my pieces and clicked the 'I'm Ready' button, and then I waited for them to respond to let me know whether I had been approved. About 16 hours afterward, I received the email! Yay!!!

Figuring that I'd just add an item or two a day to my shop on 1000Markets, I was browsing around through the shops and markets (wishing I could find a 'favorite' button or a wishlist or something to keep track of all the goodies I love!); and I received an email from Matt saying that he had featured my "signature" cuff, Bois Peint, on the Community page!!! How exciting is that?!?!?

So here's my link: time2cre8 on 1000Markets

Stop by and say hello. Tell me your shop name so I can stop by and say hello back. :-)

As much as I like Etsy, and as much as I appreciate the visibility it's brought me over the past few years (3 years?!?!), I have to say that I really like the look of 1000Markets. I have no intention to leave Etsy, but it's nice to be able to look through finished pieces and not be overwhelmed with supplies and vintage stuff.

If you're on 1000Markets, I'd love to hear what you think of the site. Have you had sales from your shop on there? What do you think of their forums? Are you a member of any markets?


storybeader said...

Congrats! I love 1000Markets and the different marketplaces you can enter. You also have your own blog, which is neat (I use a lot of my blog post for this - many people do!) I'll come and visit - off to work!

tstreasures said...

I love the look of it but have only had one sale so far. Started listing items last November or thereabouts. To be honest I don't promote it as much as my Etsy shop and I just signed up for the free account on Artfire. Congrats on being featured though I'm not surprised since your work is gorgeous!

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Best of luck with that! I wanted to do 1000Markets, but they are only for US sellers and don't take us Canadians :(

Kim said...

watching for amazon payments to go international so I can join you, congrats on the feature :)