Monday, July 06, 2009

Getting [and Staying] Organized ... and a Giveaway!

I hate moving. Hate it. Hate packing. Hate hauling all the boxes up and down stairs. Hate all the things that go along with moving... getting our address changed, calling all the utilities companies, all that stuff that takes me away from doing what I like to do.

There's one good thing, though. It's FORCING me to get organized. There are so many things I like to do (beadweaving, drawing, reading, sewing, knitting, crocheting, photography, scuba diving, volleyball, racquetball, softball... the list goes on and on) that I have sooooooo much stuff to be packed! My gnat-like attention span causes me to flit from one project to another, and I'm not particularly disciplined about putting things back where I found them. Hey, I gotta go do that OTHER thing!

So, in the midst of hating that I have to pack up everything to move it, I'm organizing stuff as I go. Boxes are carefully labeled with a "code" and the contents are listed in a spreadsheet. I know that seems like overkill, but some of these boxes won't be unpacked for a long long time (while we build a house); and it's much easier to search in a spreadsheet than to try to read labels on a ton of boxes. As I pack, I'm also looking at everything with a critical eye -- do I really need that? could someone else use it? do I want to move it? how many years before I get around to doing something with it? And I'm packing boxes that will be donated to the Cancer Federation. At least someone will get some use out of my excess stuff!

While all this packing is going on, I'm still doing some beadweaving. Not as much as I'd like, naturally. Do you know how hard it is to pack beads??? I try to put them into a box, and they start talking to me...
I'm pretty sure there are other beadweavers and jewelry makers out there who know what I mean.

Here are pictures of the two newest items listed in my Etsy shop:

While you're looking at pictures, check out the mosaic for this week's Bead Art Originals Items of the Week. There are some great pieces there and some great deals to be had. (I'm still pouting because someone bought those beautiful black and white polymer clay beads created by my friend Dee!)

It's a giveaway!!!

Anyone have any organizational tips they'd like to share? I have done any kind of giveaway in awhile, so leave a comment here to be entered in a drawing to win a stationery sampler valued at $25! I'm not listing stationery in my shop any more (Allison, of papervictory, has taken over the whole line of products); but I still have a few things left... and I don't want to move them!

To be eligible for the drawing:
- You must be at least 18 years of age.
- You must reside in the U.S.
- Leave a comment with an organizational tip (any kind!).
- Make sure to include your email address or Etsy shop name so I can contact you.
- Deadline for being included in the drawing is Friday, July 10 at midnight (CST).


Anonymous said...

Oooo...I love organization! I'm like you- I float from one project to the next. But what I've found most helpful with that (as long as they're small projects) is to get a bin with drawers and keep each project and materials in a separate drawer so you can clean up easy and get one or all of them out at a time easily.

I'd love to enter the giveaway too-

Carol Dean said...

Mine is actually similar to Nancy's:

I use large (11x14 or bigger, can't remember) jewelry trays to keep individual projects in. They stack together neatly. The liners you can purchase for these work nicely as bead mats as well, but I tend to remove the project from the jewelry tray and put it on my lap tray when I'm actually working on it.

As for organization... you're the spreadsheet queen. I dare not suggest! ;o LOL

storybeader said...

an organizational tip? I find it's easiest to move beads in plastic zip-top bags (and you can put pricing inside the bag.)

Since I'm an archivist, and it's my job to store paper and photos, let me give you a tip in moving: Make a list of everything you put in each box, make one copy, and scotch tape one of the lists on the OUTSIDE of your box! And number the boxes and corresponding sheets. It may take a little longer while packing, but you'll appreciate it once you get to your new abode!
Have fun! {:-Deb

Nothinglikeit said...

Wow! I love the spreadsheet idea to keep up with the contents of all those boxes, I'll be using that idea!
I'm a terrible organizer and I think if I ever got into beading my office would be a MESS. Since I work with polymer clay a lot, I find ice cube trays are good for storing different bits of blended clay while working on a project. Many trays have slide on lids so you can stack them as well!


Robinleigh49 at gmail dot com

Queenie said...

A spreadsheet! OMG, MaryLou - THAT'S organization! I have to admit, I'm not the most organized person around and the worst part is, I'm a pack-rat! When we moved last year, I just boxed everything according to the person. Since it's just the 3 of us, it wasn't too bad. We each had our own box of stuff, labeled with name and the room (bedroom/office/hobby, etc.) and once we got into the new place, I very slowly put the stuff away.

Good luck with your move!!!


Angie A. said...

I hope this counts as an "organizational tip"; it will if you call it "Organizing Hanging Clothes for A Move" :-). Lay a sheet out, open on the floor or bed, and center some hanging clothes on the sheet (be careful not to put more on the sheet than you'll be able to lift comfortably). Take two diagonally opposite corners of the sheet (such as northwest and southeast) and tie them in a knot. Then take the other two diagonally opposite corners and tie THEM in a knot. You will have two knots under which you can slip your arms and carry the bundle to your vehicle.

This moves your clothes and your sheets without a lot of fuss and muss.

angierhoda of the signature bead lariat frenzy

Baby Onesies said...

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Anamcara said...

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