Saturday, August 21, 2010

Well-Traveled Beads

Do you ever think about where your beads have been? I hadn't given it much thought until recently, when I took a bead crochet project to work on while we drove from North Carolina to Kentucky.

I like coming up with names for my pieces that have some kind of meaning, and I was trying to think of a name for this bead crochet lariat as we crossed over the mountains separating North Carolina and Tennessee. And then I began thinking about the journey these beads had taken...

This is just the part of the journey I know:
- The beads are Czech glass (picasso beads), so they began their lives somewhere in Czechoslovakia.
- I purchased them from a wonderful Etsy seller named Shannon Ferguson (aka beadsandbabble), and she lives in California.
- Shannon shipped them to me, so they wound up in North Carolina (not sure how many states they traversed as they made their way here).
- And then they traveled with me on my trip to London, Kentucky... out of North Carolina, across Tennessee, and into Kentucky.

And that's just the seed beads! I have no idea where the little ceramic cubes I used for the fringes originated.

But this piece, which I have named "Over the Mountains," is well traveled. :-)

Where have your beads been?


Two Happy Stampers said...

What a great name for your piece! =)

bellajoya said...

I have often thought about that. Seems my beads are more well-traveled than I am!

BeadsForever said...

When we traveled in our motorhome, my beads traveled from the tip of Florida to the Arctic Circle in Alaska! Fun to think of them in that light.

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love working with beads from all over the world. It is great thinking about the beads being made by a tribe in Africa or Thailand and then creating something with them. Handmade are my favorites!