Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

The Plan: String a bunch of beads onto spools of upholstery thread so I have projects to take with me on road trips. Bead crochet is a great thing to take along on trips because the beads are all captured ahead of time, and I don't have to keep track of any kind of pattern (other than making sure I didn't goof up in the stringing).

The Reality: I just couldn't wait to crochet the beads I strung on Saturday.

Can you blame me? These beads, which I purchased from a lovely Etsy seller named Shannon (aka beadsandbabble), were just too tempting sitting there on my shelf. You may remember prior gushing about Shannon's beads, as I've posted pictures before of some of the picasso finish beads I bought from her. She has a great selection (over 900 listings, I think) and first rate service.

So off I went to the gallery on Saturday, taking with me some projects to keep me occupied. I grabbed the beads, a spool of thread, a needle, and (this is what did me in) my crochet hook. I suppose I shouldn't have taken the crochet hook with me if I really intended for this to be a "future" project. But there it is.

And here it is. Mulberries in Heavy Cream. A luscious, gorgeous (if I do say so myself), wonderful necklace.

And now guess what? I need to string some beads to take on our impending road trip. At least two or three lariats' worth, I think. I just hope I can refrain from crocheting them until we're actually ON the road.



April (ARTWORX) on FB said...

This is beautiful. Just a quick question...what size crochet hook do you use? You have inspired me to try this myself.

Anonymous said...

Haha. I love it when materials are so inspiring you just can't wait to use them! Sometimes I feel like I want to pull over the car on the way home from the store to start a project. Lovely new piece- is it brown or red?

:-) MaryLou said...

April - The hook I use most is a size 2, but if you're just starting out with bead crochet I would suggest beginning with larger beads (maybe even pony beads) and heavier thread. It takes some practice to get good results.

Nancy - The beads in this are really dark metallic red. I thought they looked like mulberries. :-)

jo said...

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