Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Ready for My Closeup, Mr. DeMille

That famous line has been quoted for years as Norma Desmond's line (and, not being old enough to remember Gloria Swanson, I remember it being said by Carol Burnett).

Well, sometimes I think that's what my jewelry would say if it could talk. You see, I'm really good about MAKING things but not so good about PHOTOGRAPHING them. I blame it on two things. Number one -- I don't really have good lighting in this house, or a good place to set up my light box, so it's always a challenge to find a spot for pictures. And number two -- I'd much rather be making things than taking pictures of the things I make.

Some day I'm going to have a dedicated spot for pictures. In the meantime, I'm still happily beading away and waiting for just the right time of day and just the right window to use for photographs.

Here you see a PILE of pieces that have been recently finished... all waiting for their closeups. Where's Mr. DeMille when you need him?

In case you're curious, there are six bracelets and one bead crochet lariat in that pile. Eegads.


Malodora said...

Such a bounty of riches!! Like precious jewels.

Anonymous said...

Hmn...I feel much the same as you. Our house is so dark, it's frustrating sometimes to photograph items. For me though, it goes beyond that. I love making things so much more than spending hours on the comp. trying to promote them. Sheesh...