Friday, March 09, 2007

Insults. Sarcasm. Anyone who knows me knows what a sarcastic sense of humor I possess. The strangest things strike me as funny, and there are things that'll just make me laugh no matter how many times I see them (the Burger King guy, for example, in that video that's been floating around the internet forever).

So, being the anal-retentive person I am (and being such, I know when to put the hyphen in anal retentive), I've been saving a list of insults, weird humor, silly sayings, etc., that have come to me through various emails over the years. I read through the list and still crack up at some of them.

What to do with this massive list? How best to share its humor with the masses? Or with the one or two other people in the world who have warped senses of humor like mine?

The Answer: Create tiny greeting cards. Tiny. Small. Mini. Okay, you get the idea. But greeting cards need envelopes, so I first had to make tiny envelopes. I decided that 1-1/2" x 1" was a good size. Why? Because I had already created a template that size and because I had a bunch of paper lying around that would work wonderfully. Elegant little envelopes for my tiny greeting cards. And, since there's absolutely no use in giving a greeting card to someone unless they know who it's from, I decided to make them folded cards so there's room (granted, a small amount of room) on the inside for a signature, phone number, or just a smiley face (in case the sender wants to remain anonymous).

The picture's a sampling of the ones I created. I listed them on Etsy because I thought they might be enjoyed by some of the Etsyans roaming around there. I've encountered some great senses of humor on that site.

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