Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And the winner is... Forbesfarm (aka Sandy), with her Many Shades of Royalty purple freeform beadwoven bracelet, #2 in the mosaic you see in the previous post.

Oh... but you want to know who won MY contest!

That would be purplehug! I'm off to email her now to see what color pendant she'd like me to weave for her.

Thanks for voting, and thanks for participating in my contest! Next month's Etsy Beadweavers Challenge is Caught in a Net, meaning that everyone will be creating something using a netting stitch. So please check out the entries again, and please visit me again!

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Anonymous said...

I am SO excited - I won a contest! Thank you MaryLou for having the contest. I can't wait to get my pendant :)