Friday, October 05, 2007

The Etsy BeadWeavers October Challenge, as posed by Helena (aka maneklady) is 'A Study in Monochrome.' I was actually amazed at how much of my work is monochromatic. I like the play of light when different shaped beads are blended together just about as much as I like playing with all different colors and patterns!

I had just finished making this caterpillar bracelet from some dusty lavendar colored beads, and I decided I'd see what I could do with a necklace and the caterpillar type fringe. When it was finished, I decided the necklace would be my entry (well, one of them) into the challenge.

So out came those dusty lavendar beads again, and MANY hours later I wound up with this!

I can't believe how many beads are in there. I'm really happy that I had a large enough supply of this particular color and size to be able to finish this, as I don't remember where I bought them and wouldn't be able to find more.

The necklace has a tubular peyote base, and as I knew I was going to add all those little fringes to the center and make a 'pod' shaped focal point, I opted to enlarge the tube in the middle. When I was finished I couldn't believe the texture and feel of this. It's nothing like the caterpillar bracelet, which is almost slinky. This thing has some heft to it!


Dawn Chastain said...

MaryLou, Both of these piece are Beautiful!! Great work.dawn

Rachel said...

Wow! The necklace and bracelet are both awesome! I love the beads too. What a nice color. Good luck in the contest!