Monday, October 15, 2007

It all started with a mixture of beads, and for some reason the black, white, and orange ones just called out to me that they'd like to be turned into something fun for Halloween. I've been playing around with some different styles of beadweaving, so I decided to try making this ruffly bracelet using those pesky Halloween beads.

The bracelet style is one I found in a book called Mastering Beadwork, A Comprehensive Guide to Offloom Techniques. It's called an Oglala Bracelet, named for the beadworkers of the Lakota nation in South Dakota who are credited with the stitch. It turned out to be a lot of fun to make, although I'm not entirely convinced that the amount of beads called for in the pattern is accurate. It sure seems like I used more than 5 grams of beads for this!

As for the book, there are all sorts of patterns and ideas in there that I want to attempt, so I'm sure it will be well used. I don't usually follow patterns as they're written, but I use them as a jumping off point to create something of my very own.

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