Wednesday, July 23, 2008

How in the heck does a week go by so quickly?!?! Is someone messing with the clocks? Seriously. There's no way there were 24 hours in every one of the days that've gone by since my last post.

First things first... I want to continue the THANK YOUs to all the people who were nice enough to feature my work in their Etsy treasuries. You can always check out all these gorgeous treasuries in my flickr.

THANK YOU to DarkEleganceDesigns for including my Alice and Her Chatty Friends notecards in her treasury, Alice's wonderland.

If you check out her shop, you'll see that the name really lives up to her creations. I had no trouble at all deciding on a favorite, though, as soon as I saw this Amethyst pendant and Swarovski choker. Beautiful!

THANK YOU to a fellow Etsy BeadWeaver, Jamie of StudioJMK, who included Black and Blue in her treasury called Beaded Beauties.

I'm completely in awe of Jamie's beautiful beadwoven butterflies! This green butterfly is my favorite, but Jamie also has other beadwoven beauties in her shop.

How does Susan (ClinkscalesArts) make those perfect little beadwoven beads?! I honestly don't know, but don't you just love these? These three little beads, which make up her Spring Green Necklace, are soooo adorable!

Susan included Titiana Speaks to Bottom in a treasury she curated using some of the entries from the last EBW Challenge. Her treasury was called Shakespeare Would Approve, and I definitely think he would have if he'd been able to see all these creations!

THANKS, Susan!

I don't do very much with fiber, although I love the artistic pieces others are able to create with it. Louise, of scarfitup, is particularly talented at knitting gorgeous scarves and neckwear, and now she's ventured into felting with this piece of wearable art, her Nuno Felt Brooch. Isn't this incredible? You really need to look at all the pictures she has and read how this was created to truly understand the process involved.

THANK YOU, Louise for featuring Black and Blue in your lovely turquoise-filled treasury, Beadlieve Me!

Ileana, another Etsy BeadWeaver, curated a treasury called Etsy Magical Beauties. She had some pieces in there I'd never seen before, and my collection of Etsy Favorites grew by at least two as I clicked through the treasury... :-) Ileana included one of my bead crochet pieces, Twist and Shout in her collection of lovelies. Not only that, but Ileana included Piano Man AND Treble Clef in a treasury called Super Sexy; and included Piano Man again in one called My World in Black and White. WOW!!! THANK YOU, Ileana!

Ileana's shop is called enchantedbeads, and if you take a look at it you'll understand why. I'm a big fan of things from the ocean, so one of my favorite pieces from her shop is this Abalone and Pearl pendant, which she calls "Peas in a Pod." Gorgeous!

Okay, this has to be one of the hardest of these posts to write. Why? Because I have such a difficult time choosing a favorite thing from my friend Carol Dean's shop, SandFibers. Her beadweaving is unbelievable, and Carol Dean's pretty unbelievable, too. Having created my very first peyote triangle just a couple of days ago, I decided to show off her Anything Goes peyote bracelet, made from triangles in beautiful fiery reds and oranges.

Carol Dean was nice enough to feature two of my pieces (Piano Man and Autumn Patchwork) in two different treasuries - A Classic Combination (all black and white, my favorites!) and Bring It On (filled with creations by members of Bead Art Originals). THANK YOU, CD!!!

Jean, aka totallytwisted, also featured me in two of her recent treasuries, Do You Raku? (which included Celtic Square, a piece I made with one of MAKUstudio's raku pieces) and Winter in July (which included Long Island Stone, made from a quartz stone I found on a beach on Long Island in April).

One of Jean's recent listings is this wonderful Beaded Fringe Bracelet, called Winter. Isn't this gorgeous!?

I'm mesmerized every time I look at this Fish Stories beadwoven cuff by Sarah (thebeadedlily). The colors are so pretty, and the design itself is a piece of art! You can see more artistry in her shop and on her blog.

Sarah's been making treasuries lately that feature different members of Etsy BeadWeavers (that's so nice!). She included one of my new cuffs, Evolutionary, in the treasury she curated for Anna (arosebyname). THANKS so much, Sarah!

By the way, if you love Sarah's work, she's offering 20% off all her beadweaving for the EBW Midsummer Madness sale!!

Cheryl of littlestonedesign, another talented Etsy BeadWeaver, included my checkered cuff (Check It Out) in a treasury entitled Not Just for Sissies Anymore! Lots of pink there, but she's right - it's definitely not just for sissies. :-) THANKS, Cheryl!

One of my favorite beadweaving techniques is the Cellini Spiral. Cheryl's Regal Purple Cellini Spiral Bracelet is a beautiful example of the technique.

I had absolutely no trouble at all finding my favorite of Patrizia's (triz) creations! This Purple Balagan cuff is amazing!! All of Triz' work is exceptional, as you're sure to see when you check out her shop and her blog.

Triz curated a treasury called Purple Reign (a Prince fan, perhaps?) and included my Passion for Purple necklace/pendant in it. THANKS, Triz!!

Triz is also a member of Etsy BeadWeavers and is participating in the EBW Midsummer Madness sale, so you can find some of her 2007 collection at 25% off from now through July 27.

Another Etsy seller (from Cork, Ireland!), ArguingTheMobius, created her very first treasury (Eloquence) and included my Eloquent Elephant mini notecards. THANK YOU!

I checked out her shop and her blog and found some of the most beautiful origami I've ever seen. Know anyone who's getting married soon? Wouldn't these origami tulips make a beautiful bouquet?

It seems there are always oopses (?) in life, and SunshineandLaughter collected a bunch of them for her OOOPS! treasury. My Celebrate the Oops labels weren't really a mistake... just make for celebrating those inevitable oopses we all have. :-) THANKS for including them in your treasury!

No mistake at all in this lovely Mother of Pearl Bracelet I found in her shop. So pretty!

Last (but certainly not least) in my long list of thank you notes is Marlaine (wMarlaine), who curated an entire treasury around my Pink and Purple Bouquet freeform cuff - time2cre8 Inspiration! What an aboslute honor from a fellow beadweaver!!! THANK YOU, Marlaine!

I love patchwork patterns, and Marlaine does some of the prettiest ones I've seen, such as this Turquoise and Sparkle cuff. Doesn't it look like this design has stitches holding the patches together? You can see more of her pretties in her shop and her blog (beadalicious).

Whew! That's a lot of thanking! It's really fun to browse all the treasuries and then to check out the shops of the curators. Although I try to keep an eye on the creations being listed by my fellow beadweavers, I always find new pieces in their shops.

Now I'm off to have some lunch!!


Liason said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my flowers :)

triz said...

yes definately a Prince fan... am I showing my age? :-) but it's reign not rain :-) thanks for the mention and for the laugh! :-)

thebeadedlily said...

I enjoyed this so much ML. Thanks for adding my cuff and the links and plugging for the sale-- but more than that this article makes me want to try something similar on my blog--

LuckyGirl said...

WOW--what a ton of treasuries! Your work is beautiful, though, so it's no surprise. I always enjoy stopping by to see what new masterpiece you've created!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Way to go, Mary Lou.

ClinkscalesArts said...

MaryLou - thank you so much for adding a piece of my work to your blog and linking back to my shop. It's a pleasure adding your gorgeous beadweaving to a treasury. :)

Anna said...

Wow, you are a popular gal! Congratulations on all the treasuries!