Thursday, July 03, 2008

More Etsy treasuries! It's such fun to find that little gold star, and I also had some fun creating one of my own.

Here's the one I created, called Be Unique!. It's filled with lovely coppery and pewter tones that I just love. I pulled almost every one of these items from my extensive list of favorites.

The Etsy BeadWeavers have been keeping track of treasury appearances in the Etsy forums, but I still like to browse through the treasuries myself. Since I create all sorts of things, I occasionally find treasuries that feature my other creations.

This one, for example, curated by coolsisters, is a statement about the price of gas these days and includes my photograph, Got Gas?
I immediately went off to check out coolsisters Etsy shop and found some fun and funky jewelry! This Black Chunky Chain and Beaded Necklace is my favorite. How fun!!

Another of my photographs, Purple Flashes, was included in this treasury that was assembled by Purpledaizie.
It's nice to encounter someone on Etsy who has as much fun creating a variety of things as I do, and that's what I found when I checked out Purpledaizie's Etsy shop. She has all sorts of goodies in there - photography, artwork, and jewelry, along with lots of other things, including these Juicy Deep Red Dangle earrings that just popped off the page at me!

One of my newest beadwoven pieces, Little Vine, made it into this lovely treasury curated by fellow Etsy BeadWeaver Ileana (enchantedbeads):

Ileana is best known for her beaded brooches (well, that's what I think of when I think of her shop!), but she also makes other pieces as well, such as this little Red and Black pendant. How pretty!

Marilyn (aka GrandmaMarilyns) included my Passion for Purple necklace/pendant in her treasury, Life Spiralling Out of Control. This one's filled with spiral ropes, all created by members of the Etsy BeadWeavers team. I only recently learned to make spiral ropes, but I've already decided I love doing them!
Marilyn just added some new goodies to her shop, including another of her beadwoven rings. Aren't these cool!?

Lest you think I've just been hanging out and looking through treasuries (and working on dishwashers, as shown in my previous post), I've also been doing a bit of beadweaving. Surprise surprise. I just listed this Looooooooong (66", to be exact) Luxurious Lariat yesterday, bead crocheted from thousands of pearlescent beads. I really love the texture of these ropes. :-)

Now I'm off to try to finish my piece for the Etsy BeadWeavers July challenge! Nothing like waiting till the last minute...


GrandmaMarilyns said...

Aren't treasuries so cool? I need to start staying away from looking at the treasuries though as I tend to be creating quite a few. I commented on that in my most recent blog entery. I too love creating spirals and have some new ones running around in my mind for future creation.

Marlaine said...

Those are some beautiful pieces. I especially like the first one on this page. So many beautiful pieces of art!

triz said...

thanks for including my sunflowers in your gorgeous treasury... i almost missed it :-)