Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm trying to expand my color palette a bit and work outside my comfort zone (which, believe it or not, consists of two colors - black and white). To that end, I recently added LOTS of new colors to my collection of Delica beads. While my credit card may be suffering under the strain of my new obsession, my Etsy shop is enjoying a new burst of color.

The recent additions to the shop run the gamut of colors and designs.

Rigid geometry, with a slim little bracelet that features triangles beadwoven in pewter gray and dark bronze.

Fanciful swirls, a yummy delicious cuff beadwoven from pale blue and lime green.

Bold abstract, beadwoven with some of the brightest colors in my Delica stash.

I told you I'm trying to work outside my comfort zone, didn't I?

I've been very lucky in the Etsy treasury department lately, too, and I'm remiss in thanking the curators. I'll be back later to do that... promise!


Art for Hair said...

Wow, I love the colorful abstract design! I think leaving your comfort zone has definitely paid off, great work!

triz said...

as i scrolled down i oohhed louder, as each bracelet is more beautiful than the other... and my favourite is the abstract although I also LOVE the blue and lime green combination! just gorgeous!

TKHudson said...

My favorite one is the blue and green one in the middle. I'm fond of swirly things though.


Marlaine said...

The abstract is gorgeous! Love the green one too. You look pretty comfortable out of your comfort zone!

Anna said...

Absolutely love the abstract one ML! (OK, I love them all! :)

njemacreative said...

Wow, great things happen when you work outside your comfort zone! I am especially drawn to the bright colors in the third bracelet you featured. What talent!

Deb DiSalvo said...

Hey - I've had my eye on the 3rd bracelet now for a while! Have an art show today and I'm hoping to do well so I can snag that one! Even if I don't do well, I think that one's going to be mine!
Talk soon.

:-) MaryLou said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone!

I'm having such a great time creating all of these different designs, and I'm glad you all appreciate them.

Deb - Best of luck at your art show!!! :-)