Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Have you started yet? Finished yet? I wonder what shopping is going to be like this year. We're in a new place, and I honestly don't even know all the stores that are around. There's a Wal-Mart. And a Best Buy. And lots of galleries and shops populated with handmade items. I'm amazed at the talent I see exhibited in the shops around here. It's fun just to walk around and look at all the goodies from local artisans. Maybe someday I'll assemble some of my beadweaving and see about placing it in one or two of those shops.

When it comes to shopping, really shopping, I admit to being supremely lazy. I am so spoiled by being able to shop online these days. If I know what I want and know I can buy it for a good price online, I'm perfectly content to track down what I need and have it brought to my doorstep. I know I'm not the only one either. How long ago did the term "Cyber Monday" come into being?

Well, for all you cyber-shoppers out there (or at least for the ones who read this blog), I've been busy stocking my Etsy shop with some new goodies. I'm going to be listing a lot more over the course of the next few days, and on Cyber Monday I'm going to offer some super specials. I'll post about some specials here on this blog, some on Facebook (become a Fan!), and some on

I've added a couple of new peyote cuff patterns to my Etsy shop this past week, so now I have nine of them listed. Check them out here.

In addition to those, I've listed a few new pieces I've made (you know, for all you Cyber-Shoppers out there). I'm really behind in photographing my creations, but I'm hoping to improve on that. I recently bought a photo light box (it just arrived last week, one of those online purchases I mentioned before), so now I'm not stuck with taking pictures just during the daytime. I've already discovered I need more lights, though, so I'm not fully in the swing of things just yet.

And last (but not least), for all you girlie-girls out there, I created this new Oglala bracelet, called Princessa.
I'm really a tomboy, but that doesn't keep me from moving outside my boundaries and working with pink and ruffles. :-)

Time to get back to the beads. Have fun shopping!

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