Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I Hereby Resolve...

NOT to have a New Year's Resolution! So there.

Oh, there are lots of things I could resolve to do this year: get in shape, spend more time with friends and family,
work on more beadweaving designs, publish more patterns, clean the house more often, organize the mountains of paperwork that surround me, finish some of the UFOs that are sitting in boxes, yada yada yada.

But this year I'm not going to make a resolution to do anything. I think it's too much like the GOALS I used to have to write when I was working. I hated those things. Hated writing them. Hated having to scramble to get them done. Even hated having to review the progress my employees made on achieving their goals.

This year I'm just going to follow Yoda's advice. "Do or do not. There is no try."

So far, I'm doing. Photographing and listing jewelry that's been finished (can you believe some of these have been sitting around for a YEAR?! eegads). Cutting cardstock to list in my other Etsy shop (which has ACEO blanks and an assortment of kitschy and vintage stuff). Making a point to call my sister and stepmother with some regularity. Filling up the recycle bin with some of the paper that's accumulated.

Here are the new pieces I've listed so far this week. Happy New Year!

Empress - Dark Red and Pale Matte Silver Bracelet (Knot, Ready for Primetime)

Stripey Triangle - Peyote Pendant on Satin Choker

Romanesque - Matte Steel and Black Peyote Bracelet / Cuff

How about you? Any New Year's Resolutions for you this year?

1 comment:

Roberta said...

No and no.

No resolutions. No goals. Nothing.

Just be.