Monday, January 24, 2011


I've had ropes on my mind lately. Bead crochet ropes, that is. Or one REALLY long bead crochet rope that you've seen glimpses of before.

And now it's finished. All 95" of it. More than 10,000 beads strung and crocheted. It really is gorgeous, even if I do say so myself.

The beads were supplied to me by the customer who requested this fantabulous bit of bead crochet: vintage beads with a gorgeous matte metallic finish in a color that looks sage green in some light and gray in some. There are also some vintage dark cola colored transparent beads that complement the matte metallic ones nicely.

She asked for some different patterns, so this one has five patterns: tiny dots, a spiraling stripe, little diamonds, little dashes, and some zigzag stripes.

I suppose it was because I had ropes on my mind for so long (it really does take a long time to string and crochet all those beads!) that I came up with the idea for a rope design for a peyote cuff.

Here's the first version of my newest design, Rope. I resisted the urge to call this one "Murder," even though the beads I chose (purely by chance) are dark brick RED and light buttered RUM. Red Rum, Red Rum, Red Rum... anyone for a Stephen King movie? :-)

It's a nice day outside today, with a storm predicted for tomorrow and the day after... so I think it's time for a walk. Who knows? Maybe I'll find some inspiration nearby...


Rita alias alatvian said...

Thank you so much for sharing!

HS with Him said...
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HS with Him said...

Gorgeous design, as usual. Kinda reminds me of a stylized flame, too. Glad the snow has left you for a while. :)