Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Check this out!

I signed up for this after a fellow Etsyan (qbranchltd) offered free advertising. It's a brand new site, so it's basically an experiment to see how much new traffic is generated by having my Etsy banner and an item (my Raspberry Wave bracelet) featured.

It sure would be nice if Etsy had the capability to add counters so we could all see the traffic to our shops and see where the traffic originated!


GalleriaLinda said...

This is interesting. Blog about the results when you figure them out. I agree that Etsy could provide that count for us. Maybe in the future...


:-) MaryLou said...

So far, the number of views on the item that's posted in the gallery, the Raspberry Wave bracelet, hasn't increased by very much. I don't see a counter on the site, so I don't know how much traffic it's generating by itself.

If nothing else, it's some additional exposure.