Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our garage is a sight, a pitiful mess.
What are we gonna do?
We have to pack and put it away.
It's a big job for just us two.

But we made the mess, so it's only right
that we be the ones to clear.
I don't know exactly, but I'll hazard a guess
that this might take us a year.

There are tools out there, all kinds of them,
for building and yardwork and such.
There are way more tools than anyone needs,
and some have never been touched.

My husband located a box full of things
he'd purchased many years ago.
He thought he'd use them for something or other,
but did he? Well, no.

There's a drum full of rakes and brooms and shovels,
and there are boxes full of screws and nails.
And in one corner there's a great big pile
of containers, buckets, bags, and pails.

So why are we trying to clean out this mess?
Why don't we just leave it be?
Because, you see, we want to move soon
to the state of Tennessee.

And we need to clean up the house and garage,
not to mention the plants in the yard.
We just never thought it would take this long
or be this dadgoned hard!

We're packrats, you see, and what that means
is that we never throw anything out.
We always think we can use it some day,
but I'm beginning to have my doubts.

I think we need one of those TV shows
like 'Clean Sweep' or 'Mission Organization'
to come and help us get rid of this stuff
so we can take a vacation!

But no, we'll just do it all by ourselves.
We'll be strong, and we won't delay.
We'll toss out the stuff that's broken and bent,
and the rest we'll sell on eBay.

Wish us luck.

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Felicia said...

LOL Love your ode to your garage :)