Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday, February 29. The birthday celebrations are over, and I had a wonderful day yesterday. A good movie (Vantage Point), good food (filet mignon), a free movie rental at the local video store, and a peaceful and quiet evening at home. Those are the ingredients for a great birthday.

I have LOTS of Etsy sellers to thank this week! I realized at some point last week that I had a lot of chipboard stashed away that I'd never use, so I started cutting it into ACEO blanks. I can't believe the response! There are lots and lots of artists out there getting ready to create ACEOs. Judging by what I see in some of their shops of their larger artworks, their ACEOs are going to be beautiful.

I'm doing this week's post a bit differently for a couple of reasons. I have a long list of people to thank, I'm really tired, and my Internet Explorer is acting up. I want to be sure to thank all these people, though! This week, I'm just posting the shop names of each shop so you can stop by for a visit. I was trying to post Etsy minis, but my IE is driving me batty!

When you get a chance, please visit these REALLY REALLY REALLY nice Etsy sellers!

I've already gone through each of these shops to choose my favorite thing, but my browser is not cooperating! I'm gonna try to update this tomorrow so you can see what I chose, but in the meantime you can choose something for your very own!


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Anonymous said...

hi just wanted to say i just saw your etsy store and your little cards are sooo cool. :)