Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I've figured out that the optimum time for picture taking is 2:15pm. No, I didn't spend a lot of time performing analytical studies to test that theory. It required some trial and error, but now that I know this it will help me plan my day.

Ha. Like there's any planning in my day!

Carol Dean Sharpe (aka SandFibers) saw the Cream in My Coffee cuff I created and suggested that it would make a great design if created in two different finishes rather than in two different colors. Off I went to my bead stash to choose some of my favorite beads... dark-colored Delicas with a rainbow finish.

I finished the beadweaving a few days ago and took some photos. Blech. No visible pattern.

Wait a day or so, take more pictures at a different time of day. No visible pattern.

Wait another day, take more pictures with the bracelet lying by the front door with lots of southern sunlight streaming in. No visible pattern.

Today? I just happened to be taking photos of some other things this afternoon, and I thought I'd give it another shot. Position everything next to the back door, with some northern light shining in through the glass, angle the little hand just so, snap a few pictures... et voila!

The funny thing is that I didn't have a name for this cuff until I was taking this last bunch of pictures. The name just popped into my head at some point while I was moving it all around to catch the light just so... Midnight Sky.


Carol Dean said...

beautisimus, my friend!

triz said...

Gorgeous!!! and great photos!!! :-)

Carol Dean said...

You are on my blog today - You make my day award