Friday, February 01, 2008

The plan today was to go to the movies, but the snowstorm that hit our area last night changed that plan. I opened the front door this morning and saw a 3' tall snowdrift in front of our porch. I knew that didn't bode well for the condition of the driveway, as a drift at the front of the house usually means a drift piled up in front of the garage door. Sure enough, when I opened that door there was snow 3' high. Even though we have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, I opted to spend some time shoveling. After an hour I had only about a third of the driveway finished. Back in the house, make some cappuccino, rest for awhile, and then more shoveling... another third done. More cappuccino, more rest, and just about the time I was getting ready to head back outside our neighbor came over with his snowblower and finished the rest! Woo hoo!!! He did the toughest part -- that section at the end of the driveway where the snowplows had piled it way up high. My husband suggested that I make him a cup of cappuccino to thank him for the snowblowing. Now, apparently, our neighbor has decided that he needs to buy himself a cappuccino machine... :-)

Okay, enough talk of the weather.

It's time for my Etsy Friday tradition... saying an extra thank you to the Etsy sellers who purchased from me during the past week by featuring one of my favorite items from their shops.

My first thanks goes out to Gretchen. She doesn't have an Etsy shop, but she has a wonderful website (bediboo) that's absolutely filled to the brim with cuteness. There are all sorts of different goodies in Gretchen's website, which she says is "the store for things we've found we can't live without." And who could live without this cuter-than-cute tutu!?

Jodi (aka BeadworxAZ) came back to visit my shop when she found some matboard ACEO blanks I had listed. Although Jodi and her husband make absolutely beautiful lampwork beads (I know this because I was lucky enough to be able to trade with Jodi for some of them awhile back), I decided to feature some of Jodi's artwork - the Seven Seas ACEO. Keep in mind that this tiny bit of art is only 2.5" x 3.5"!

Reesa (aka stringtheoryfiberart) was nice enough to let me know that she found my shop through Aija's blog (zero). (I sure wish Etsy would provide some mechanism that would tell us where our customers originate!) I had no trouble at all choosing a favorite from Reesa's shop when I found this Handpainted Firefly Silk Laceweight Yarn, called Love. The colors in this are sooooo beautiful. I sure wish I knew how to do something besides knit in a straight line!

Nicole (vintagethisretrothat) has lots and lots of vintage and retro goodies. Hmm. Perhaps that's how she came up with the name of her shop! :-) Isn't it fun to look at all those kitschy items from the past? Once again I had no trouble finding a favorite, living up to the reputation I have for being attracted to "bright and shiny things." Check out these cool Vintage Rhinestone Buttons. Sparkly!

Jaci (aka cravejewelrydesign) came to visit again. I do so love it when customers return! Jaci's jewelry designs are so simple and uncluttered, and she uses unusual components to create them so they're really interesting. I found these Vintage Glass Earrings that are made with sterling silver and vintage frosted glass beads that look like seaglass. How pretty!

Beth (aka BadBabyQuilts) makes... you guessed it... quilts! And even though her shop name would imply that these are baby quilts, they're not those pale pinks, blues, yellows, and greens you see at the baby showers. These bad baby quilts are BRIGHT!! I love this GrapeBaby Strips Quilt!! Doesn't it look delicious?!?!

Last but not least is Rachel (aka Arnicae), who's another returning customer! Hooray!!! Rachel came back for more Captioned Critters, and I'm happy that I have some new critters in the collection since her last visit. Rachel's shop has some quirky and cute little felt creations, but when I saw this photograph of a Sea Star Reaching for an Anemone I knew I had to post it here. The ocean is just about my favorite place to be (I think I'm part fish, which is fitting since I'm a Pisces). Rachel did a wonderful job capturing the allure of the ocean with this photo.

Help me thank these wonderful Etsyans by visiting their shops! You're sure to find lots of wonderful goodies...

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