Friday, February 08, 2008

More snow! I thought last week's snow was icky, but this week we wound up with snow 18" deep in our driveway. It started on Wednesday morning and snowed almost the entire day. And not that nice floofy stuff either. This was wet and heavy, so my snowplow technique didn't work very well. I did part of the driveway and the sidewalk, and by the time I got about 2/3 of the driveway done it was impossible to tell that I'd done the driveway by the garage or the sidewalk. More shoveling yesterday, and one last bit today to take care of the stuff the snowplows piled at the end of the driveway.

It must have been really bad because the postman (you know, those guys who bring the mail through sleet, snow, hail, rain, etc.) didn't show up on Wednesday!

Tuesday was the deadline for entering a piece into the
Etsy BeadWeavers monthly challenge. The theme for this month was Spring Break, so I decided to create a beadwoven ACEO of a purple tulip. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, even if it doesn't wind up beating the other 35 entries! Actually there are some pretty phenomenal entries this month, so go check 'em out and vote for your favorite.

Here's my beadwoven ACEO, entitled
First Sign of Spring:

The first Etsy seller I have to thank this week is päivi (aka Beautifulthings). This is one of the reasons the internet is such a wonderful tool. päivi lives in Finland, but through the wonders of Etsy she came across my shop and asked me to make some custom tags for her. We were able to work out all the details via several convos, and I got to make some of the cutest little tags ever using her images! päivi's shop has some cute little earrings and pendants, and for once it was easy for me to choose a favorite. I love this little Fish Pendant! Or what-used-to-be-a-fish pendant. :-)
Lelia (aka lthell) has a bunch of fun totes, aprons, and oven mitts in her shop. I really ought to wear an apron when I cook because I always wind up making a big mess, but I never do. I guess if I put on an apron that would imply that I like cooking, and I really don't. I do, however, LOVE coffee; so I chose this I Heart Coffee Tote as my favorite thing from Lelia's shop. Wouldn't this be great to carry your books and journals to your local Starbucks? :-)

Fawn (aka fawniejcreations) has a shop filled with jewelry, bookmarks, wine charms, banners, and other things; and right now she's even having a sale (through February 10). There are some pretty little bracelets that are on sale for incredible prices, so be sure to check them out! My favorite thing from her shop? These little Green Glass Flower Earrings. Maybe it's because I'm wishing for spring and an end to all the snow.

Raye (aka RayeBroxapCrafts) is an experienced crocheter, but now she's beginning a new adventure with ACEOs, and I think she's off to a great start with this Cat Collage. There's so much work in this piece, with all those intricate folds and the other embellishments, and she's offering it for only $5!!! She also has some cute crocheted items in her shop, so check it out!

Emily (aka foolingnobody) (and isn't that a great username?) creates art and photography. This statement from her profile is a great description of her work: "A feast for the senses... calm in the chaos of a busy world... inspiration for sleeping people... speaking through visual art what the soul and spirit can not utter in words." I like her black and white photographs, particularly the Stairway to Nowhere. Don't you wonder what was going on with these steps?

Make sure to check out these shops as you stroll through Etsy. And don't forget to vote for your favorite Spring Break entry on the EBW Blog!

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