Friday, January 25, 2008

I had such fun today!!! I made fused glass stuff. Some friends of mine gave me a gift certificate to a place in Highland Park called Making Glass Studio & Gallery; and I finally got around to using it. Rather than take one of the classes they offer, I wound up with a four-hour private lesson in fusing glass. I made all kinds of things!!! The good news is that I didn't bleed at all during my glass-cutting adventure. It's all in the kiln now, so I'll have to go back next week to fetch it. I can hardly wait to see how the pieces look in their fused state.

So today's Friday, and once again I'm posting a bit of thanks to the Etsy sellers who purchased from my shop during the past week.

Janice (aka
summer62) has a shop that's so tempting to me... It's filled with buttons. And I love buttons. They're such fun, and there are so many different styles and so many different things to be done with them. They're not just for sewing on your clothes, you know! Anyway, I found these Southwest style vintage buttons in her shop. Aren't they pretty? Wonder what I could make with these...

I've been convoing a lot with Jennie (aka
FrivolousFerret) about her order, and she doesn't even have it yet (it's custom and super special), but I can offer her a thank you anyway. I went prowling around in her shop and found this Cobblestone Sterling Silver Ring. I love silver rings, and this one's pretty neat. I like the organic appearance.

Jaci (aka
CraveJewelryDesign) has some pretty funky jewelry in her shop. I love those big octopus necklaces, but when I came across this Wiener Dog necklace I just cracked up! Know anyone that's a wiener dog fan? This would be the perfect gift, and Jaci's donating 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this to the ASPCA. Give a gift, support a worthy cause.

Beth (aka jezabelle1313) is an artist who creates some of the strangest looking women I've seen. They have such haunted expressions on their faces, and there's something about the tones and colors that's really striking. My favorite one, although it was tough to choose, is The Edible Woman.

Bre (aka Coochooloo) came to visit me again. It's always nice to see repeat customers, and it's especially nice when they seek me out to create something special just because they were so happy with their last purchase! I went to check out Bre's shop again and found this little cozy cuff neckwarmer. What a great idea! This seems much better than a long scarf to keep your baby's neck nice and warm.

Last, but certainly not least, is Amber (aka thebeadlounge). I've looked at lots of lampworked beads, but I've never seen anything like these Peacock Blue Luster Beads. I cannot believe how shiny these are, and even though they're reserved you could probably talk Amber into making a set just for you. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of Amber and her camera. Holy cow!

Go check out those shops! You're sure to find something fun, useful, and pretty in each and every one. And they're nice people, too!

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