Monday, January 21, 2008

I have lots and lots and lots of books. As much as I'd love to keep all of them, I know I won't read some of them again. I've traded them, I've donated them, and I still have piles of them sitting around.

At the suggestion of Kara, a really friendly Etsy customer of mine, I just signed up on a site called BookMooch. I listed some of my books on there, and already three of them have been "mooched"! I get points for listing books, and I get points for sending books to moochers. I can use the points to mooch books for myself, and so I've just requested No Second Chance, by Harlan Coben.

Okay, so I'm not really reducing the number of books I have in my house. I'm just giving some other books a chance to live in my crowded house.

If you have a lot of books, or even if you only have a few books, and you're looking for books to trade... check out BookMooch. You can find me on there. Maybe we'll trade books.

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robin said...

Hi There, is good too, I also have a lot of books and have sold many on there, but im checkin out bookmooch. See you on Etsy1 Robin