Friday, January 04, 2008

The first Friday of the new year... Can you believe it's 2008? I think I like the year 2008 if for no other reason than because it has the number 2 and the number 8. I like those numbers. They're part of my online identity, time2cre8. And my birthday is on the 28th. Those are good reasons to like this year, right?

I'm starting off this year just like I left last year, with an extra thank you to the customers who purchased from me during the past week who also have Etsy shops of their own.

First up is Michele (aka gabriel). Now Michele has an Etsy shop, but I found out during the course of our transaction that it was actually her 11-year-old son who wanted my Captioned Critters cards to use as thank you notes! How cool is that?!?! I'm so glad he liked the cards, and it's really nice to find an 11-year-old who's conscienscious enough to send thank you notes in the first place. That must be the result of some good parenting. Anyway... on to choose my favorite from Michele's shop. I have to say it was tough, because she has some beautiful pendants and beads made from her own artwork incorporated with polymer clay. After going through everything in her shop TWICE, I finally decided that this Twig-Art Pendant is my favorite.

Okay, I admit that I sometimes watch Oprah. Not all the time, but sometimes the shows are interesting. Today was one of the days I watched, and the show was all about being 'green' and saving our planet. Why mention that?

Well, because Angela (aka
LoveYourEarth) could have been a guest on the show today with her Love Your Earth Tote bags. Stop using all that paper and plastic, and use a tote! And isn't this one pretty? She also has listings for more bags, because you know you can't get all your groceries home in just one.

Now we go from 'Save Your Earth' to 'Save Your Face and Body' when we visit Shelly (aka JoyfulGirlNatural). Shelly has a shop filled with natural face and body products, but for some reason I was attracted to this Anti Aging Moisturizer Bee Whip. Not that I have wrinkles or anything, but I've read that bee pollen is great for all sorts of things. Maybe she's onto something!

Just today I had a custom order from Bre (aka coochooloo). I managed to finish her order and get it into the mail, and then I went to check out her shop. If you do nothing else, go to Bre's shop to look at her banner! I love love love those hats!!! You can even read her shop announcement to see what that intriguing name means (yes, it actually means something). And while you're there, you might want to pick out one of these little hats for one of the babies in your family. Adorable!

Last but not least is Melissa (aka hobocampcrafts). Melissa's shop has all kinds of things in it, and almost everything is recycled from something vintage. I love that she's giving new life to old things! My favorite thing? This Pootie Stink Cloud Stuffie. What a hoot! (Or should I say 'What a poot!). :-)

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michelegabrielstudios said...

Thank you for mentioning my Etsy shop. And the the short man beside me said it was "too cool" that he was mentioned also. He said he agreed that your pick for favorite was one of his also. Then he went on to tell a little tale about the twig. He has agreed to write a description of items in my Etsy shop when he is "so moved". He cracks me up, my renaissance man.
Thank you for the inspiration.
I'll be back to your beautiful shop. The Critters are delightful!