Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm not very adventurous when it comes to creams and lotions because I have allergies to perfumes and colognes and other substances, and even some of the creams that are advertised as hypo-allergenic bother me.

I recently made an Etsy Friday post and selected this Bee-Whip Daily Moisturizer from Shelly's Etsy shop (JoyfulGirlNatural).

I've been using this for the past week, and it lives up to Shelly's description. It feels really light and creamy, it doesn't have perfumes or anything in it to bother my skin, and while I can't claim that it's gotten rid of any wrinkles it does make my skin feel softer. Wrinkles are just a sign of wisdom anyway, right?

Thank you SO much to Shelly for sending me the moisturizer!!! It's now in my Etsy Favorites list so I can order some when this tube runs out.

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