Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Etsy BeadWeavers Challenge is underway, and this month's theme is RED. There are 42 entries, and mine was the last one posted! I sneaked in under the wire, and I had to post a photo of my newly-designed Red Between the Lines cuff before it was even finished. I only had about ten minutes to spare when I listed it in my Etsy shop, but I completed the beading and added the button closure this morning. Whew!

Pat (my husband) said I should only have done two hearts, but I liked it with three. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I think this might be the fastest I've ever created both a pattern and a completed piece of jewelry. The pattern came to mind when I heard someone on TV say something about "reading between the lines," and it occurred to me that I wanted to have the hearts looking like they were peeking between blinds or something.

I didn't think I had that much Valentine's Day related stuff in my Etsy shop, but I just created a new section called Will.U.B.My.Valentine and loaded it up with everything I have listed that involves love and hearts. Well, not actually everything, as there are a few other romance-related items scattered around in other sections.

I was so happy with my little Santa-Hatted Raven at Christmastime that I decided to dress him up again for Valentine's Day. And so was born Quoth the Raven... Be My Valentine and The Raven Speaks His Heart. I've grown quite fond of these ravens.

Don't forget to check out the Etsy BeadWeavers Blog tomorrow and vote for your favorite amongst the 42 entries! You're going to have a tough time choosing.

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Contrariwise said...

Very pretty bracelet - I like the triple heart design.

I did the same thing in my Etsy shop that you did. Anything that was red, with hearts, or pink got put in a section called Valentine Shop.