Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday again. Where does the time go?!?!

I didn't get back to the blog to post my favorites from the Etsy sellers who purchased from me last week, so this post will have to do double duty. It was a busy week here. The Etsy BeadWeavers RED challenge was underway, and I was trying to keep up with all the voting. The challenge is over, and the winner has been announced in the EBW blog. Everyone's already working on the next challege now, and we're awaiting publication of a blurb about the team in the Etsy Storque.

On with my thanks to the Etsy sellers who purchased from me last week and this week! I hope you'll check out their shops because there are some wonderfully talented people in this bunch.

Lisa (aka LivingTreeStudios) lives in North Carolina, where we hope to be moving sometime this spring! She makes jewelry and has lots of earrings in her shop (and she's having a sale on them, too!); but I really like her newly-listed pottery. Isn't this aqua blue butterdish pretty?

Beth (aka patchworkpossum) visited my shop and purchased... guess what? The Opining Opossum mini notecards! Beth's another North Carolinian, and according to her profile ALL of the proceeds from ALL sales in her Etsy shop go to Central Carolina Wildlife Rescue. Check out this Possum ACEO. It's needlefelted and wonderful!

Harmony's (harmonymetals) a repeat customer, and a very nice one at that! I goofed a bit on her order, but she was very nice about it; and I believe I've taken care of it now. Anyway, if you're looking for beautiful metalwork, you should check out Harmony's shop. I love her watercast rings, but I posted one of those before. This time I chose Harmony's cocktail ring to feature here. It's such an unusual piece, sure to draw attention to your finger!

Elizabeth (aka Beadingandtime) is also a repeat customer and one who has the same fascination for tiny beads that I do, except she turns them into beautiful little flowers and fruits. I know just how long it takes to make some of these things, and this blue daisy brooch is a bargain at only $10!!!

Susan (aka OneElf) takes teeny tiny bits of polymer clay and turns them into the cutest little beads and charms! She has little food charms that look delicious, although I doubt that they taste all that great. She also has this adorable little hedgehog. How cute is he?!?! I think you need a whole herd of these guys.

Trilby (the creative name for
Trilbycole63) is pretty new to Etsy. She hasn't been on there a month yet, but her shop's filling up with pretty little bracelets, necklaces, and ART! Check out this watercolor painting, Winter Glow. As much as I want winter to end, this picture's really pretty.

Kate (aka
girlsavage) is an animal lover. Well, at least I think she is. Her shop, which she calls the Etsy Petting Zoo, is filled with fanciful critters... some you can cuddle and others preserved using a method that she calls feltidermy. Haven't you always wanted a Jackalope?

Leslie (aka Pinkpiggy) is obviously another animal lover, but she uses little critters to adorn hair clips. Now, my hair's way too short to need a clip, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate this cute little armadillo.

Aija's (aka zero) is undoubtedly one of my favorite customers. She uses my little envelopes in her packages, so I'm always on the lookout for interesting books I can use to make them. Aija makes wonderful knitting stitch markers from freshwater pearls and natural stones, but since I can knit only in a straight line I'd be more inclined to turn them into jewelry. I did find this handspun merino silk yarn that looks gorgeous with the freshwater pearls woven into it.

Tamara (gypsycaster) creates warm and fluffy looking knit scarves, but I was drawn (no pun intended) to her Goddess Series of ACEOs. They feature eyes, which have always been a favorite subject of mine. My favorite amongst the series is Grace O'Malley, so named after the famous female pirate.

Christina has a new Etsy shop called CreationsbyChristina, and I know I'm going to visit her pretty soon and order some of these homemade caramels. They look absolutely melt-in-your-mouth yummy, and she told me she can make them in a bunch of different flavors. The ones pictured here are coffee flavored, and that's pretty tempting, but I'm thinking of those buttery ones for myself...

Tara (aka HunterMoonDesigns) doesn't have any of her flower arrangements in her Etsy shop right now, but if you're looking for something unique and unusual you might want to talk her into creating it for you. I found this unconventional skull bowl arrangement in her sold items.
Although I'm sick of winter at this point, these icicle earrings by Rachel (aka raycholg) would be worth keeping the cold weather around for awhile longer. These are such a simple design and so pretty!

Hanna's shop,
aworldinvented, is filled with whimsy and with one-of-a-kind creations of all sorts. She's another returning customer, and last time I posted one of her treasure boxes as my favorite item from her shop. This time, though, I came across these altered vintage necklace and earrings. They're really interesting looking, and they're only $22!

I hope you'll check out these shops! I've chosen my favorite from each of them, but all of them have lots more to offer.

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