Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't you just love getting free stuff? Well, after signing up for Entrecard a few weeks ago, I read something in one of the blogs I was visiting about a site called MyPoints. I think I might have actually been a member at some point, but I let the membership lapse or something. Anyway, I read all about the point system, and since it seemed relatively easy to earn points I signed up again. I hate those sites where you sign up and then you have to do a bazillion things to earn points, but MyPoints really is very easy. I've already accumulated quite a few points just by reading emails and answering simple little surveys. Points can also be earned by shopping at quite a few places, so I got some extra ones when I made an online purchase at Office Depot. That one was kind of cool -- I needed to get something that I always purchase at Office Depot anyway, the online price was less expensive than in the store, and there was FREE delivery!! Woo hoo!!!

Today I received an email from MyPoints with an offer for a coffee club called BocaJava. With as much coffee as I consume (I buy four pounds of Starbucks beans every three or four weeks, all for use in my espresso machine for my daily fix of latte), I figured it might be worth trying. I hopped over to the BocaJava site, following the link in the email, and now I'm getting the introductory special deal of four different types of coffee for $8.95 with free shipping. According to the site, there's no obligation, so I can cancel the membership if it turns out I don't like the coffee.

Here's a button, in case you feel like trying it for yourself:

Get a discount on me

Now I think I'll go have myself some latte... I'm one of those lucky people who can drink a double-shot latte and then go right to sleep.

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