Monday, May 19, 2008

I spend a lot of my blogging time talking about my beadweaving, and while that's obviously a subject that's near and dear to my heart, the truth of the matter is that I do all sorts of other things too!

When I first "discovered" the Sir John Tenniel illustrations of Alice in Wonderland, I fell in love with them. I then proceeded to make all sorts of creations using the illustrations... cards, tags, stickers, labels, and whatever else I could think of. Last year I altered the illustrations to make them festive by adding bits of red to the illustrations. I know that's not how they were originally drawn, but I really like the way they turned out; and apparently lots of other people like them also because they're a pretty consistent seller in my Etsy shop.

Yesterday I took a stroll through the Etsy treasuries to see what interesting things I could find, and I discovered that lolos1963 had used some of my Alice tags in her "Alice, oh Alice!" treasury!!! Yay!!!

Wanna see what else I've made with the Alice illustrations? Click here. :-)


World Wedding Photojournalist said...

I'm new to Entre card too...
And I'm just building my Etsy store 'makelovereal' if you want to check it out. Lovely pieces you have.

Smadar's Treasure said...

MaryLou, you are a woman of many talents! Your illustrations are beautiful as well as your beadwork!

Smadar :)