Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What once was old is new again. I don't know where that quote originated, and this isn't a particularly poetic use of it, but it's just what popped into my head when I took this photo.

I decided it was time to "retire" my old work gloves. That pair on the left is two years old. They've obviously been put to good use -- carrying firewood, hauling brush and debris to the burn pile, digging up shrubs, pruning trees, pulling weeds, carrying lumber, and whatever else merited the donning of work gloves. I really don't like to wear gloves when I do things outdoors (and my hands and nails bear testament to that), but there are just times when it's necessary. Juniper bushes are scratchy, itchy things. Lumber and firewood have splinters just waiting to puncture my skin. Digging, pruning, and pulling wouldn't normally cause me to don gloves, but last summer I had three marathon weekends of yardwork; and I would have would up with horrible blisters if I hadn't used those.

It was time, though, for a new pair. Yesterday's trip to Menards resulted in my purchasing a brand new pair of deerskin work gloves. The new ones are exactly the same as the old ones. Hard to believe, isn't it? These are a bit pricey ($12.88 for one pair), but I think they're worth it. They hold up really well, and although they stretched a bit after having been soaked through a few times last summer, they still fit my hands pretty well.

What'll happen to the old pair?

Well. I'm a saver. Some might say PACK RAT. Those old gloves, while they might be unsightly and worn, still have some life in them. They'll go into the van, where they'll be at the ready for the next time we need to move lumber, firewood, mulch, or something else.

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Beat Black said...

so honest. id hang on to them too! its just the way I am