Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another New Peyote Cuff Design

It's week #6 of 2010, and I'm still keeping up with my resolution to create a new design every week. This week's design is called Sunflower Garden, and it was inspired by my wish that this winter weather would just GO AWAY!! Knock on wood, we don't have the piles of snow that's blanketing some parts of the United States, but it's really cold and windy. I'm sooooo ready for spring!

Sunflower Garden is a somewhat whimsical design that features several big happy sunflowers surrounded by wispy vines and leaves. It's the perfect design to brighten up a winter day, don't you think?

I don't typically publish the pattern on the same day as I list the new design. That's not for any particular reason other than that I don't typically have the pattern READY to be published on the same day. I'm working on getting more of my patterns available, though, so I pushed myself a bit on this one (click here to see the patterns in my Etsy shop). After all, since I'm having a three-for-two pattern special during the month of February, part of my goal to reach 5000 sales in my Etsy shop this month, I need to have more variety. (Visit my shop to see details for the special.)

Lest you think I'm spending all my time focusing on new peyote patterns, I have to show you the result of my latest experiment: Pearlicious

I've been wanting to try my hand at making a fringe bead, and I had these faux pearls sitting in my bead stash just waiting to be used for something special. Pearlicious began with a short peyote tube made from dark bronze metallic seed beads, and to that little tube I just kept adding short fringes with the faux pearls at the ends. Hung from an oxidized brass chain, these are such fun I can hardly stand it. :-)

I think I was focused on fringe this week because I was working on a new caterpillar bracelet, Charlotte. Charlotte is unlike any caterpillar I've created to date, in that she has stripes! Alternating rows of bright silver-lined chartreuse and black-lined clear triangles make this one of the most fun caterpillars ever. (She'll soon be joined by a couple of other caterpillars that crawled off my beading board, as soon as I get some pictures taken.)

Time to play with some more beads. And work on next week's new design! :-)

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Anonymous said...

what a beautiful faux pearl fringe's divine!

it's nice to have come across your blog..

come see me too sometime..

have a nice night..ciao!