Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabulous Friday Finds

This week's installment of Fabulous Friday Finds is just overflowing with goodies. So I'll get right to it:

Fabulous Friday Find #1 - All Things Littleput (aka Ryan) has taken some wonderful spring photos (spring? what's that?) and wants help deciding which one to use. You can vote for your favorite and win a set of any three of her photo cubes! Click here to visit her blog, so you can read the rules and vote.

Don't know what photocubes are? That's one of my favorite sets, Forest.

Fabulous Friday Find #2 - Another giveaway, this time by GafferGlassUSA. I came across their goodies when I was poking around on Facebook (amazing how many talented people are on Facebook!), and now I watch their updates every day. They're hosting a 100th blog post giveaway, and the prize is this adorable Melanie Moertel Gaffer Glass lampwork glass penguin bead.

Click here to visit their blog and see the details about the giveaway.

Fabulous Friday Find #3 - I think this one is fabulous because I LOVE LOVE LOVE purple! One of my beadweaving friends, Smadar (aka SmadarsTreasure) just listed this incredible bold necklace that features agate teardrop nugget beads. Just look at those!!! Smadar has all kinds of wonderful goodies in her Etsy shop, but this has to be one of my all-time favorites. Yummy!

Fabulous Friday Find #4 - If you read last Friday's post (which was actually Saturday's post, but that's a whole different issue), you saw some cute little ceramic houses. Well, apparently I just can't get enough of little ceramic houses because I found some more. These are made by mudpuphouses, and I think they're absolutely positively adorable.

And once again, I can envision having a whole VILLAGE of these!!! I think this purple and pink one's my favorite, although it was really hard to choose.

Fabulous Friday Find #5 - This one makes me wish I lived closer to Pennsylvania. Although it's probably a good thing I don't, because I have a feeling that the Berks Bead Bazaar would melt my credit card for sure. The bazaar is tomorrow and Sunday in Reading, PA; and there are sure to be some mouth-watering beads, buttons, and cabs there. I sooooooooo wish I could go!

One of my favorite artists is going to be in attendance - Lisa Peters. She's been posting pictures of her new goodies on her Facebook fan page, and my laptop is in danger of shorting out because I've been drooling over the pictures so much. That picture you see to the left is just ONE of the many she's posted.

If you're lucky enough to live in the area and want to attend Berks Bead Bazaar, Lisa also posted a link to a coupon good for $1 off admission.


Okay, I guess five is a good number of Fabulous Friday Finds, so it's time for me to have another latte and get back to my beadweaving. And I'm going to be doing a little Google searching for the Asheville area so I can figure out where to go for my BIRTHDAY on Sunday!!! Woo hoo!!! :-)

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